AV Passcodes

A 6 digit passcode is required for all users to access the AV presentation systems in the general assignment classrooms supported by Classroom Media Support on the UW Madison Campus.See the Classroom Information menu above for a complete list.

If you need a passcode, forgot your passcode or would like a temporary passcode, use the links above.

Your Passcode may have changed!

Our new passcode database system requires ALL passcodes to be at least 6 digits long. The system automatically updated EVERY 4 or 5 digit log-in to 6 digits when it went live in the summer of 2014. PLEASE CHECK YOUR PASSCODE!  

If you cannot remember your AV system passcode, or are unsure if you have a passcode, use this link. You will need your UW NetID. 

How do I get a Passcode?

Instructors and other users of the classroom AV systems can obtain an AV Passcode by viewing our tutorial and submitting your campus information in the Passcode application form at the end. You will need a UW Madison NetID.

The tutorial will take about 10 minutes and will show you all of the basic functions of the General Assignment Classroom AV systems.

Start the Passcode Tutorial!