Main Touch Panel Window

This is the main page. These buttons will always be present and active, only the center of the page will change, so you can’t get lost in an sub-menu.  Just remember, touch the button for what you want to do.  The touch panel in your classroom may look slightly different, depending on the features of the room. Not every room has a microphone, light control, electric screen control, Lecture Capture, etc.

We’re going to walk you through all of the button functions. We’ll start on the left side and work our way across.

Program Volume Controls

To adjust the volume for all sources, like the laptop inputs, DVD player, etc. (except the microphone), use the buttons labeled “Program” located at the lower left corner.  Touch and hold the UP arrow to raise the volume, or  touch and hold the DOWN arrow to decrease sound level.  Tapping the Up or DOWN buttons will increase or decrease the volume a very small amount. The red bar will indicate volume level. Touch the “Mute” button below the program down arrow to temporarily silence the program audio to the room speakers.  The mute button will flash when it is activated.  Touch the Mute button again to restore program audio in the room speakers.

Touch any of the Program volume controls to proceed.

image - touch panel main

program volume