If the room has microphones, they will only work when the AV system is on. The microphone volume controls are at the upper left corner of the touch panel. Touch and HOLD the UP arrow to raise the mic volume,  Touch and HOLD the DOWN arrow to decrease the volume.  Tapping the Up or DOWN buttons will raise/lower the volume a very small amount. You will see the red bar to the left of the volume buttons adjust accordingly.  Touch the microphone “Mute” button to temporarily silence the mic to the room speakers.  The “Mute” button will flash when microphone audio is muted.  Touch the mute button again to restore microphone volume to the room speakers.

You may have to turn the microphone up quite a way- almost all the way to the top- to make it loud enough. It is calibrated this way so that there’s less of a chance of feedback.

If there is not a microphone in the room, the microphone volume area will not be shown on the touchscreen. (the exception to this is when a small room without voice amplification has a microphone to record the instructor for lecture capture audio, the microphone volume is automatically calibrated by the system)
Click on the microphone volume control buttons to continue.

image touch panel main