Podium Keys

Only UW faculty and staff are allowed to retain keys, all student groups and Union events must check out keys from their respective organization.

You will need a key to open the podium doors to access the cd/dvd/vcr, document camera or microphones. The key will work in all of our classrooms and is yours to keep for as long as you teach here. Please send the key back to us when you retire or leave UW Madison.

These keys do NOT open the room doors or building doors. During normal building hours, the room and building doors should not be locked. We do not have keys to room or building doors – if you need building access contact the department administrator or building manager.

Before requesting a key, please check your key ring to see if you already have a key. The key may have “Y11” or “KV70” stamped on the side, and looks something like this:

Classroom AV system key

Getting a Podium Key

The easiest and quickest way to get a podium key is to stop by one of our offices. We keep extra keys on or near the doors – just take one at your convenience.

Otherwise, drop us an email at av@fpm.wisc.edu with your campus address, or call us at 890-4900 and we’ll send you one via campus mail. Please note that it may take several days for campus mail to arrive!

Classroom Media Support Offices

  • Matt Alexander, 364 Van Hise (behind elevators)
  • Derek Dombrowski, 373A Bascom Hall  (click for map)
  • Billy Huang, B19 445 Henry Mall
  • Michael Wood, 5227 Humanities

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