Welcome to Classroom Media Support!

This site serves as a resource for UW Madison instructors who use the General Assignment Classrooms equipped with audio-visual systems. The rooms included here are General Assignment Classrooms, meaning they are scheduled by Curricular Services (262-6345), and they are managed by the FP&M Space Management Office. There are many other classrooms on campus that are departmentally controlled and are not supported by the Classroom Media Support team. For a list of supported classrooms, visit the Classroom Attributes section.

AV Training and Tutorials

We have a very robust online tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know about using our AV systems. You will need to complete this tutorial before using the AV system. If, after completing the AV tutorial you would like additional training, please contact us to schedule a training session in the classroom you’re teaching in.

Latest News:


Blu-ray players are being phased out!

Beginning in the Fall of 2024, General Assignment classrooms will not have a Blu-ray players. If you currently use physical media such as Blu-Rays or DVDs, please contact the Libraries to assist you with finding an alternate source of your media: Media For Courses

We will provide Blu Ray players directly to faculty, staff, and departments for use by instructors who are unable to find alternate media sources. The Blu-Ray players will be owned by the department. Connection to the Audio-Visual system will occur via the HDMI pullout cable which is the same method by which many users connect their laptops or other personal devices. Instructors and departments will be responsible for the storage and upkeep of the devices.

Please submit a request for a Blu Ray player by following this link: Blu Ray Player Request Form

VGA – Analog Laptop Connections are being phased out.

Starting the Fall of 2024, General Assignment classrooms will not have VGA Analog Laptop connections.  Please use the HDMI laptop pull-out cable or Wireless video connection to connect your laptop. If you need a HDMI adapter, see the page here

USB-C Connections are being introduced.

If your laptop computer has a USB-C port, this will provide video, audio and power over one cable.

As of Spring 2024, only a select few rooms have a USB-C connection. For the Fall 2024 semester we expect to have USB-C cables in every classroom.

Remote learning technology is available in select rooms!

A select few rooms have Remote Learning- the ability to host a web meeting (Zoom, Webex, Teams) directly from the classroom. You will find Remote Learning in:

  • Agriculture Hall 125
  • Bascom 272
  • Microbial Science 1220
  • Microbial Sciences 1520

Instructions and more information about Remote Learning here.

Lecture capture live streaming is available.

We have recently improved the lag time for Live Streaming from our systems. Unfortunately this has had an unintended consequence of buffering problems for viewers using Google Chrome or other web browsers in watching Live Streams. We recommend any viewer of the Live Streams to use the web browser Firefox ( https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/ )

If the viewer is using an Apple laptop or Desktop we have found Safari to have comparably good results.

HDCP blocking lecture capture video – update

When you are starting a Lecture Capture in one of our classrooms, please check the Touch Panel preview window to make sure your laptop image is being registered in the Lecture Capture System. If it isn’t and you see a dark or amber colored square where your laptop image should be, it may be that High-Bandwidth Digital Copyright Protection (HDCP) is blocking your image from being recorded. Although your laptop image is likely still projecting through the projector, if you don’t see it on the Lecture Capture preview, the image is not recoverable after the fact.

If this is happening, please call us on the Help Desk Phone on the podium, there may be a live system configuration change an AV Engineer can make to relieve the issue.

Apple brand adapters

If you are using an Apple Laptop connected through the Digital HDMI connection for our systems, we only recommend using an Apple brand adapter to your the specific video output of your laptop. There have been prevalent problems with off-brand adapters including a green tinted image, not carrying audio and others. Apple brand adapters are available at the UW Bookstore.

Note: Classroom Media Support does not provide adapters for personal devices.

Remember to verify your passcode!

If you cannot remember your audio-visual system passcode, or are unsure if you have a passcode, you can check your passcode here. You will need your UW NetID.