COVID-19 Updates

All the information on this web site is for General Assignment (GA) classrooms we take care of. Many other classrooms, GA or not, are being used this semester. If your are using a room not listed on this web site, then we do not take care of it and cannot help with problems in that room. For help with a room not listed on this web site, please consult the building manager for that building. A list of all building managers can be found on the Facilities Planning and Management web site:

Changes specific to the Spring 2021 semester:

  • Room capacities listed on this web site are for normal usage. Capacity during COVID will be significantly less.
  • All of our classrooms that are large enough to normally require a microphone already have a microphone system with a communal clip-on pickup element. If you would like your own microphone pickup element (either clip-on or headset) or your own stand-alone microphone system, campus will provide one for you. Please contact us at . Microphones will be also be available through your school/college. More information here:
    • If you are going to use the microphones in a classroom, then please read this short document! They are fragile electronics and extra care must be taken so that other professors can use them throughout the semester.
  • While most of our staff will be on-campus, for everyone’s safety, we will try to resolve problems remotely as much as possible. Only after all other solutions have been tried and it is determined that the need is critical will we physically come to the classroom.

Classroom Media Support can offer 2 ways to achieve “Alternate Delivery of Classes”, using existing Lecture Capture systems:

  • Live stream classes from a classroom
    An instructor conducts a class from a classroom as normal. Students can watch the class using a web browser, live, from anywhere in the world.
  • Share recorded lectures from a classroom
    An instructor conducts a class from a classroom as normal, recording the entire class. This recording is uploaded to the UW Madison Kaltura service, where students can watch the recording at any time.

These above methods can be done at the same time- a class can be streamed live, while recording for later viewing.

To use Lecture Capture, an instructor needs to successfully completing both the general Passcode Tutorial  and Lecture Capture tutorial. 

There are 40+ classrooms equipped with Lecture Capture. A list of them are found under the “List of classrooms with Lecture Capture” on this page.

To receive the URL of the live stream for a classroom, please contact us.

For additional resources, please visit the official UW Madison SmartRestart page:


 Welcome to Classroom Media Support!

This site serves as a resource for UW Madison instructors who use the General Assignment Classrooms with Instructional Technology. The rooms included here are General Assignment Classrooms, meaning they are scheduled by Curricular Services (262-6345) but they are managed by the FP&M Space Management Office. There are many other Instructional Technology classrooms on campus that are departmentally controlled and are not included here or supported by the Classroom Media Support team. For a list of supported classrooms, visit the Classroom Attributes section.

AV Open Houses

At the start of each semester we have several AV open houses at various times across campus.  Please complete the online tutorial prior to attending the open house.  Feel free to attend any session of your choosing.

These open houses are designed to be informal. You may arrive and leave whenever you like within the scheduled time. We will be there to answer questions, demonstrate procedures, test laptops and media, and distribute keys.

 If you are unable to make an open house but need training, please contact us directly for training needs at 608-890-4900 or .

Date Time Location Classroom Media Support Host
No in-person Open Houses for the Spring 2021 semester

Collaborative Learning Classrooms

We have created several collaborative learning classrooms utilizing an advanced media sytem, flexible seating and writing surfaces. These spaces allow instructors and students to interact in ways beyond traditional lecture teaching.

Before using a Collaborative Learning Classroom please take the CLC tutorial, you will learn how to use all of the unique features these classrooms provide.

Check your passcode!

If you cannot remember your AV system passcode, or are unsure if you have a passcode, you can check your passcode here. You will need your UW NetID.