Welcome to the Lecture Capture Tutorial

This tutorial will show you the all the basic functions to the Lecture Capture systems available in the general assignment classrooms.

Some things to consider…

  • Reliability – Nothing is 100% reliable, especially machines.  We have 160+ rooms and 5 staff, so our classrooms are designed for automation, not on-site support.  While breakdowns are not expected, they can happen and we’ll do our best to fix any problem.  If your course absolutely requires the capture of your lectures, be prepared with a backup plan.
  • Quality – While the finished video’s quality is full High Definition (HD 1080), the projected and camera images will be resized to fit into the recording layout. Additionally, Kaltura (the file storage/delivery product) adds some compression, which may slightly degrade the quality of the finished video. The quality, size, clarity and legibility of your classroom media will have a direct impact on the end product.
  • Privacy – Your recording may possibly violate a student’s right to privacy if their voice or image appears in your recorded lecture. You MUST inform students that you are recording the lecture and how you plan to make it available – Canvas, YouTube, secured website, etc… Even then, in our current digital age it becomes very difficult to maintain total control of any recorded media. You should advise students if they don’t wish to potentially be recorded to sit in the rear sections and save any questions or comments until after the recording is complete. Similarly, you should not present any material in your lecture that wouldn’t be considered public information.
  • Practice! – You are creating a video production. In this case you are both the performer and director. Rehearsing both the performance (your lecture) and the technical aspects (the Lecture Capture) will go a long way to creating a useful video. Make the time to be sure you know how this system works and try it out beforehand!