Audio Adjustment

image lecture capture audio

You must use a microphone. Every Lecture Capture room has at least one clip-on or handheld microphone available; both may be used at the same time. Microphones are stored inside the podium – the podium will not be locked, keys are no longer needed. Turn the microphone on and make sure the battery level is good as indicated by the display on the lower left of the touch panel.

Test the microphone volume by speaking into it – the indicator near the center of the control panel will change from Red “No Audio” to Green “Audio Good”. Adjust the level using the Microphone Volume buttons on the left until the audio sounds good in the room. Likewise, if you will be incorporating any media content (DVD, web video, etc), test and adjust the levels using the Program Volume controls prior to starting your recording.

The recorded audio level is the same as the audio level in the room- if the audio is too soft in the room, the recorded audio will be too soft as well.

Note: if there is not sufficient audio level (you mute or turn off the mic, the batteries die or there is an extended silence), the display indicator will change back to Red “No Audio”. If no audio source is detected for 30 seconds, the system will warn you by beeping and a display message to turn on a microphone or audio source will appear.

Not every Lecture Capture room will have the Microphone volume controls. In small rooms that don’t require voice reinforcement, but have Lecture Capture, the microphone record level is automatically set and does not require you to adjust it.