Resources and Requesting Authorization

For technical problems regarding Lecture Capture recordings in the classroom, please contact the Classroom Media Support Helpdesk via the podium phone, by email or by calling (608) 890-4900.

If you have pedagogical questions regarding lecture capture or would like to learn more about other ways to integrate lecture content into your course,  please contact DoIT-Academic Technology at, Web: opens in new window), Phone: (608) 262-5667

Academic Technology can also help you incorporate Lecture Capture into your curriculum, maximize the effectiveness of Lecture Capture, and other pedagogical considerations.

Once you receive authorization to use Lecture Capture, you will be able to record in all of the General Assignment Lecture Capture rooms on campus. Your authorization will be valid as long as you continue to teach at UW Madison, although AV system passcodes expire if not used for 2 years.

I’ve completed the Tutorial and undertand the limitations…

I want Lecture Capture!!