Saving and Uploading

When you press Stop and Upload, the finished video is processed and transferred to the storage type you chose at the beginning of your Lecture Capture session.

After you’ve completed your recording and are ready to leave the room, be sure to turn off the microphones, shut down the AV system and return the microphones to the podium.

Saving to Kaltura

If you selected Kaltura as your storage location, your video will automatically be uploaded to your Kaltura account. The transfer is quite fast, but not immediate, especially for long videos. Usually, by the time you get back to your office the video will be ready in Kaltura.

Saving to USB drive

If you chose to record to USB, you will then see this page:

image save to usb

While the button is red, the video is being transferred to the USB drive. Do NOT remove the USB drive while the button is red! Removing the USB drive will damage the recording. Depending on the speed of your USB drive, it can take several minutes to transfer the video. For instance, a 50 minute recording takes about 8 minutes to transfer. If you’re recording to USB, please plan for this time.

The button will turn green when the video transfer is complete and it is safe to remove the USB drive.