While Recording

Once you press the Start Recording button, the Recording button will blink and display Recording, the Lecture Capture button on the right side will blink and display Recording, and the Record Time counter will begin. If any of these indicators are not happening, you are not recording!

Lecture capture recording

You may pause the recording at any time. Press Pause again to resume recording.

If you do not start recording after 5 minutes, a reminder page will appear asking you if you want to begin recording.

You can change inputs, layouts and camera setting at anytime while recording.

When you change inputs (Laptop, doc cam, etc.), the video window will change to view the selected video and the recorded video preview will not be visible. This is normal. The video is still being recorded. To return to viewing the recorded video preview and to return to the Record controls, touch the Lecture Capture button.

To stop recording, press the Stop and Upload button. To continue the tutorial, click on the “Stop and Upload” button.