Remote Learning Tutorial- More Options

While a Remote Learning event is happening, more options are available by touching the More Options button in the lower right corner of the popup.

More Options Highlighted


Here is what the More Options page looks like:

  • SelfView is a small video window that shows what is being sent from the classroom TO the remote students. This is where you would see yourself.
    • This is set to OFF by default.
    • To see what is being sent TO the remote students, turn SelfView On. A small video window will appear on the touch panel’s preview monitor.
    • The location of that small video window can be changed by repeatedly touching the Cycle Location button.
    • If you have the Remote Video to Projector On, the SelfView window will be displayed on the projector. Note that part of the SelfView window will start a video feedback loop. This does not hurt anything, but will look weird!
    • When turning on SelfView, it will default to a small Picture-In-Picture (PiP) video window. If you want to make SelfView full-screen, touch Full Screen. Note that if you have Remote Video To Projector On, this will begin a video feedback loop. This does not hurt anything, but will look very weird!
    • SelfView Full Screen:
    • Self View Full
  • Layout- To Projector: This determines how the multiple remote students are displayed.
    • The default for Remote Students is Grid, the default for Remote Instructor is Focus.
    • Grid will fill the video window with a grid of all the Remote Learning participants.
    • Stack, Focus, Overlay and Prominent will all prioritize the remote learning participant that is currently talking, with different methods of showing the other participants.
    • Try each Layout to see which one works best for your event.
  • Layout- To Remote Students: This determines what the remote students see from the classroom.
    • The default is Projector Big, which is a big video window of the projector image, and a small window of the camera at the back of the room.
    • The remaining Layouts change the size and position of the projector and camera windows.
    • These settings also affect the Lecture Capture recording. If you choose Same Size in the Remote Learning popup page, the Lecture Capture recording will also be the Same Size layout.
  • Camera Tracking: All rooms with Remote Learning are equipped with automatic Camera Tracking.
    • The camera will lock on to the  person behind the podium, then follow them around the front of the room.
    • This is On by default.
    • Note that masks hamper the ability of the tracker to identify a person. If the camera loses track of a person, it will return to the podium.
    • Turning the Camera Tracking Off returns the camera to the podium. Other camera presets and controls are available by touching the More Camera Controls button.
    • This is the same camera that is used for Lecture Capture. So manually adjusting the camera in Remote Learning will also adjust what is being recorded on the Lecture Capture recorder.

Please give some thought to how you are teaching that day, and what you want to communicate. If you are not using the video projector, we suggest selecting Camera Only for the Layout- To Remote Students.

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