Camera Controls

The Camera Preset buttons control the zoom and position of the camera.

In most rooms, the camera will NOT track your movements. If you wish to be seen in the video, you must chose a setting and note where you can and cannot walk to remain in view of the camera.

A few rooms now have auto-tracking cameras! If the room has auto-tracking, there will be Auto-Tracking buttons on this popup page.  Auto-Tracking will automatically start when Lecture Capture is selected. You can manually turn auto-tracking on or off with the On or Off buttons. The tracking status will be displayed- Detecting, Tracking, Target Lost. The camera will zoom in on the podium and search for a face to lock onto. When it detects a face, it will follow that person around. If it loses track of the person, it will return to the podium and then search for a face to lock onto. The camera will only track to the left and right of the general presentation area, it will not track into the audience or student area.

Auto-Tracking Tips

  • When the camera is looking for a face to track, look directly towards the camera or the back of the room.
  • The camera is mostly tracking your face, so it’s good to look at the students often. If you face away from the students (like writing on a chalkboard) or look down to your computer or doc cam, the camera might lose the tracking lock. It’s a good idea to often look towards the students.
  • The camera also looks for movement, so it’s good to move around.
  • Good lighting at the podium and presentation area can help tracking. If present, use the lighting presets Lecture Capture, or turn on podium spotlights.


image lecture capture camera controls

The Podium button sets the zoom and position for a person standing behind the podium. Front-Half, Front-Full and Wide will zoom and reposition the camera for a progressively wider view of the room. The More Camera Controls button will allow you more precise control of the zoom and position of the camera.

The Camera controls can be changed anytime while recording is in progress.

Again, it is important to note that if you choose a camera view that will include students, you may be violating their privacy. You may need to get written, signed release forms from each student or attendee if the video might be released to the public.