Campus Event Services

Use of AV-equipped classrooms is limited to people affiliated with UW Madison. You will need a valid UW Madison NetID and password to receive a passcode. A person affiliated with UW Madison is welcome to have and use their own passcode. Please note that if procedures are not followed or there are problems, we will be contacting this person.

We are normally not available for after-hours support. These rooms are offered as-is- There is no campus rental place to obtain additional tables, chairs, whiteboards, microphones, etc.

Please treat the classroom with respect. After the event, please be sure to clean the room and return it to the configuration you found it.  Using classrooms for Campus Events is a privilege and may be revoked.

For more information contact:

Campus Event Services

Memorial Union
2nd floor
Mon – Fri
8:00am – 5:00pm

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