Document Camera

The document camera is basically an overhead that uses video.  With a document camera, you can zoom in or out on whatever you’re displaying.  So, if you have a map in your textbook, you can place the book under the document camera, zoom in on the map, and it will be projected as large as the screen is in your room.  It’s a video camera, so anything you can fit beneath it you can project.

image TP Doc Cam screen


The document cameras have auto focus and auto iris features, as well as zoom in and out controls on the camera itself, or on the touch panel. Either controls will work the same, though most find it easier to use the controls on the camera itself. The more you zoom in, the larger the image will be. We recommend that you zoom in as far as the document will allow, and move the paper around as necessary.

Using the Doc Cam: setup and takedown

Below are two short videos that answer one of our most popular questions: How do I open/close the Doc Cam? Note that we have several slightly different models of Doc Cams, but they operate much the same.

Please be careful of your fingers when setting up and taking down the Doc Cam!

The document camera drawers no longer require a key to open.



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