Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture is a digital recording technology that allows the instructor to record the combined audio, video and projected image of a class in a digital format. This video file can then be distributed to students or downloaded for archive. Our Lecture Capture system also allows you to live-stream your presentation online to remote users anywhere in the world.

To see if a classroom is equipped with Lecture Capture use the Classroom Attributes tab above.  Click on the individual room to see its attributes and if lecture capture is listed.

Obtaining Lecture Capture

To obtain access to the Lecture Capture systems, you must first have a valid AV Passcode – so complete this current tutorial first. After getting your personal AV passcode, you can complete the Lecture Capture tutorial and request access authorization from the Lecture Capture link in the Audio-Visual System Passcodes menu above.

image Lecture Capture

projector power

Click the SYSTEM OFF button to continue.