•  You MUST either LOG OFF or TURN OFF the system after EVERY class. When you are logged into the system, you are identified as the current user. We will send emails to the current user when problems occur or procedures are not followed.
  • If the system is on and the touch panel is not touched for 4 hours, the system will shut down. This is designed to lengthen the life of the equipment by not allowing the system to stay turned on while not in use. If you are logged in when the system shuts down after 4 hours of inactivity, you will get an email notifying you of the problem. We keep a list of people who fail to turn off the AV system, and may suspend the AV privileges of repeat offenders.
  • If the room has a rechargeable microphone, you must plug the microphone into the USB charging cable after EVERY class. Not plugging in the microphone increases the chances that you will cause other instructors to be stuck with a dead microphone.
  • If the room has microphones with single-use batteries, please let us know when the battery supply is low so we can bring more;  the person who is left without batteries could be you! There is a button on the touch panel to alert us that the room needs more batteries.
  • Discard spent batteries. Throw them in the trash, put them in the battery recycle container, or recycle them if you are able.  DO NOT leave them on the podium or in the room as they could be mistaken for fresh batteries.
  • There is a direct dial help phone at the side of the cabinet. Please use it to contact us if you have any problems or questions. No need to dial, just pick up the phone and it will contact the AV Help Desk.
  • Report all presentation system problems to Classroom Media Support by picking up the AV Help Phone, using your phone to call 890-4900 or email
  • Absolutely NO food or drink on the podiums. Spills are very expensive.

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