Reliability – Nothing is 100% reliable.  We have 160+ rooms and 5 staff, so our rooms are designed for automation with help phone assistance, not on-site support.  Glitches and interruptions in service do happen, but we will do our best to rectify the problem if you call us on the help phone.  It’s always good to have a backup plan.

  • Laptops:
    • Often, a laptop’s settings need adjustment the first time it’s used in a room, or after an OS/app/program update.  It’s better to do this beforehand than at the start of your first class.
    • We do not supply adapters. You must provide an HDMI connection from you laptop.
    • The wireless laptop connection works well with static content, but can have problems when displaying audio and/or video, depending on network traffic and laptop (Macs tend to be more problematic).
    • Reboot your laptop frequently.  This is the first line of defense when there is a problem.
    • Keep your OS/apps/programs up to date.
      • The best way to do this is to allow auto updates.
  • Blu-Ray/DVD:
    • Because of format variations we cannot guarantee that your disc will work in our units, even if it has played fine elsewhere.
    • The lecture capture devices will not record or stream Blu-Ray/DVD content.
  • Streaming Media:
    • We cannot guarantee that your laptop will allow copywritten content to be displayed in a classroom.

It is highly recommended that you test your materials before presenting them in class.

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