Reliability – Nothing is 100% reliable, especially machines.  We have 160+ rooms and 5 staff, so our rooms are designed for automation, not on-site support.  While breakdowns are not expected, they do happen, and we’ll do our best to fix any problem.  It’s always good to have a backup plan!!

  • Laptops: All our classrooms have a analog (VGA) and digital (HDMI) input cables. It is a good idea to have adapters for your computer that supports BOTH analog VGA and digital HDMI. We also recommend having a spare adapter or two; they break easily. We do not supply adapters. More information on this later in the training.
  • Blu-Ray/DVD: Because of different digital formats and the number of different playback units in our rooms, we cannot guarantee 100% that your disc will work in our units, even though it played fine elsewhere.  We advise people to convert their materials to digital and play everything from their laptops. That way you can play it anywhere; if it works on your laptop, you can play it in the room from the laptop.  Note that some laptops and/or content have copyright protections which will prevent you from using an external display.

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