Touch Panel Tour

This tour may not work on mobile devices. It is best to do this tour on a desktop computer.

This touch panel tour will simulate the actual touch screens used to control the presentation systems.  When in the room you will physically touch the screen with your finger.  For this tutorial you will instead use your mouse and click when prompted to touch a button.

The touch panel is basically a multifunction remote control, when you push one button it can execute numerous commands.  It might look complex but rest assured, there’s nothing to fear, you can’t break anything!

Due to variations between different models of touch panels, the panel you see in this virtual tour may be slightly different than the panel you’ll see in your AV room.  Some of the colors may be different, but the  primary buttons will all be in the same place.

When you enter the room the touch panel screen may be black, in sleep mode.  To wake it, touch anywhere on the screen and you’ll see this welcome page.  At this point you can access the lights and screen controls without a passcode, just by touching the appropriate button.  We’ll address those pages later.

The touch panels are very sensitive. It is best to use a light touch with the tip of your finger or fingernail. Pressing hard with your entire finger will not make it work faster!

The touch panels do not support gestures or swiping. Simply touch the desired button.

For now, click on “Touch Here To Begin”.

image Touch panel start