Main Controls

After the Lecture Capture system starts up, you will be presented with the Record controls page. This is where you will choose your camera settings, record layout, and start, pause or stop your recording.

The video window will display a real-time preview of the recorded video.

image lecture capture controls

The video source (Laptop, Doc Cam, etc) determines what is displayed on the room’s projector and as a window in the recorded lecture.

The Lecture Capture system is capable of recording 2 video windows; one window duplicates what is on the projector, and one window is from a camera at the back of the room. These windows are processed by the Lecture Capture system into a single video. More on this as we go on…

The Projector image window comes from a direct feed from the system. This means that if you use a laser pointer (or some other method) to point to areas on the screen in the room, the laser pointer will NOT be recorded. If you need to draw attention to parts of the projected image, we suggest using the computer’s mouse to move the cursor around on the screen.