Streaming and USB Storage

This option will create a live stream (as described below) as well as saving a copy of your lecture to a USB drive that you supply.

Streaming Lecture Capture Video

You can choose to stream your lecture live! That means that anyone with an Internet connection can watch your lecture live. This feature can be used for overflow viewing, remote class attendance, and class attendance during unusual circumstances.

Some important notes about streaming:

  • Streaming occurs only when you select the streaming options from the previous page.
  • Streaming occurs only when you begin recording. Streaming will stop when you stop recording.
  • A green button labeled Streaming will appear on the touch panel when streaming is occurring. If you do not see that button, streaming is not occurring.
  • The location of the stream will be indicated on the touch panel. It will be something like You can also contact us for the streaming address.
  • To view the stream, viewers would go to the stream address using a web browser.
  • No authentication is required to view the live stream, which means that any person, anywhere in the world who knows the classroom stream address could watch your stream. If this is not OK with you, then the Lecture Capture streaming option is not for you!
  • The live stream is delayed by at least 15 seconds, more if there is high network traffic.

USB Storage

In the classroom, you would insert a USB drive in the USB port on the NCast recorder. The NCast recorder is located inside the podium (you will need the key to open the podium door). It has a bright blue light, and the port will be labeled USB PORT.

Make sure the USB drive is properly formatted and has at least 2 gigabytes of free space. Most recordings require about 1 gigabyte per hour.

Once you’ve inserted the USB drive, the NCast will activate the USB drive. When the USB drive is ready, this page will disappear and you’ll see the Lecture Capture recording page. It may take 30 seconds or more. DO NOT remove the USB drive at any time before, during or after recording UNTIL the touch panel indicates that it is safe to remove the USB drive.

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