Remote Learning Tutorial- Scheduling Event

Now that you have met all the prerequisites, you can schedule your event.

This step sets up the online event and schedules the Remote Learning device in the classroom. It does NOT schedule the room itself. Contact Curricular Services to schedule a General Assignment classroom.

The following directions are for a desktop Windows PC. Mac and mobile directions may be slightly different. The procedure is the same as setting up a Zoom meeting with people, the only difference is adding the classroom as the Location.

Be aware of who is scheduling this event. The person scheduling the event is the Owner and has the ability to modify or delete the event. They are also the Moderator and have elevated privileges during the event. Moderator access can be given to other people by using the Remote Learning platform.

To schedule a Remote Learning event:

  1. Open your UW Madison Outlook Calendar.
  2. In the upper left corner, click on New Meeting. This will bring up the New Meeting dialog.
  3. Give the event a title. It should be something descriptive, like “Anthropology 101 Section 001”. Note that this title will be visible to everyone and will be used in multiple places.
  4. Set the event’s start time and end time.
    1. If the event is recurring, specify the first date the event happens.
    2. Set the start and end time to the actual start and end time- do not add time before or after the actual start/end time. The web meeting platform will automatically allow the meeting to begin and people to join anytime the day of the event, and allow the meeting to go 30 minutes after the end time. Adding more time to this can cause conflicts with the previous/next class.
    3. If the event is recurring, use the Make Recurring button to set the recurring pattern.
    4. Please be careful to set the actual start/end times, with the actual start/end dates. Once this event is scheduled, no other events can be booked at these times.
  5. Click the Location button. We use the naming convention “Building Room Remote Learning”
    Select Room Highlighted

      1. Scroll down to find the room OR
      2. Type in the building, room, or the phrase “Remote Learning” to narrow down choices. If the room is not listed, it does not have Remote Learning capabilities.
      3. Click on the desired room.
      4. Click the Rooms button at the bottom to select it.
      5. Click OK.
  6. Optional- You can invite people to the meeting by adding their email to the Required or Optional fields. These people will get a meeting invite in their calendar. There are other ways to get the event link to people, those are mentioned later.
  7. Decide if you want to use Webex, Zoom or Teams. The hardware is a Cisco product and is designed to work best with Webex or Teams. Using Webex or Teams will give the easiest and best experience in the classroom. However, most participants and end-users are familiar with Zoom. Using Zoom may be easier for the remote participants, but will add steps for the instructor in the classroom.
    1. For Webex:
      1. Click on the Add Webex Meeting button at the top. Log in, if prompted.
      2. Wait for Outlook to contact the Webex server. It may take a few seconds.
      3. The following text should appear in the body of the event:
        “– Do not delete or change any of the following text. –A Webex meeting has been added. Meeting details will replace this section after you save or send this invitation.”
    2. For Teams:
      1. Click on Teams Meeting button at the top. Log in, if prompted.
      2. Wait for Outlook to contact the Teams server. It may take a few seconds.
      3. “Microsoft Teams Meeting” and connection details should appear in the body of the event.
      4. The default settings should work for most events, although you can modify the Teams settings by clicking on the Meeting Options button next to the Join Teams Meeting at the top
    3. For Zoom:
      1. The default Zoom settings add more steps for the classroom and participants to join. If you use the default settings, you will need a computer logged in as the Host or Moderator. To avoid this, change the following settings:
      2. Next to Add a Zoom Meeting, click on Settings.
        Zoom Settings

        1. Under Security, un-check Passcode. If you do not uncheck this, everyone trying to join the meeting will have to type in a passcode provided in the original invitation. The classroom will also have to type in a passcode on the touch panel to join.
        2. Uncheck Waiting Room. If you do not uncheck this, the moderator (whoever set up the meeting) will have to admit everyone trying to join the meeting, including the classroom. This is best done on on a computer.
        3. Check “Only Authenticated users can join”. Unchecking the above options requires checking this option.
        4.  In the drop-down box under “Only Authenticated users can join”, select “Sign in with”.
        5. Scroll down and click on Advanced Options- Show.
        6. Check “Allow participants to join anytime”. Leaving this unchecked will require the moderator to start the meeting before anyone, including the classroom, can join the meeting.
        7. Uncheck “Mute participants Upon Entry”. This will turn on the audio from the classroom (wireless microphones, program audio) to the remote participants, but it will also turn on all the participant’s mics. Not doing this will keep the classroom’s audio muted until the instructor in the classroom uses the keypad to un-mute the classroom audio, or the moderator un-mutes the classroom in the moderator’s Zoom web interface.
        8. If you want to designate others as the Host/moderator, type their email address into the Alternative Hosts field.
        9. Click on Add Zoom Meeting at the top
      3. The Zoom meeting information should appear in the body of the event.
  1. Click Save. The event will be saved, and meeting invites will be sent to anyone that you added to the invite list. The completed event should look like this:
    Completed Meeting Form
  2. If everything went correctly, you should receive an email from the room confirming the event. You do not need to keep this email.
  3. To share the meeting link with other people:
    1. In your Outlook Calendar, open the event.
      1. Use the Forward button to forward the meeting invite to other people. This will send a meeting request to these people. OR
      2. Copy the meeting information in the body of the event, paste the info in an email, then send to whoever you want.

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