Help Desk Phone

Each classroom podium has a Help Desk phone mounted to it and clearly labelled. These phones are connected directly to the Classroom Media Support staff offices – no need to dial anything. If you need assistance just pick up and you’ll be connected to one our friendly and helpful staff.

The Help Desk is normally staffed Monday-Friday, 7:45am – 4:30pm. We often have staff available beyond those hours, especially during the first week of each semester, so please feel free to try the phone if you need assistance outside of of our regular hours. If nothing else, you can leave a detailed voicemail and we’ll get back to you.

If you need help and call us on the help phone, please be prepared to take the time to work with us to diagnose and fix the problem. We are a very small department, spread out across the entire campus. Most problems we can fix remotely, but we need your time and attention to fully diagnose the problem. We do not have any students workers who can easily run over to assist in person. If we cannot fix the problem remotely, we will come to the room, but be prepared that it may take a while for us to walk to your classroom.

Please note: Help desk phones will NOT reach an outside line and are NOT connected to the 911 emergency system

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