Help Desk Phone

Each podium has a help desk phone located on the side nearest the wall or on top, look for the arrow label.

If you have any problems while presenting please call us on the help phone.  There are diagnostics we can do remotely to get your situation resolved.

Please be prepared to take the time to work with us to diagnose and fix the problem. Most problems are incidental and cannot be recreated, so calling us after class is usually ineffective.

How To Use The Help Phone:

  • You do not need to dial the help phone, it connects automatically.
  • When you pick up the receiver you will be placed in the queue.
  • You will hear a short message, hold music will play,  and it will automatically dial all the Classroom Media Support support staff simultaneously.
  • If your call is not answered after 20 seconds you’ll hear another short message indicating that all staff are busy and cannot answer your call in that moment.
  • DO NOT HANG UP!  Sometimes we get more calls than we have staff, and we will pick up when we can.
  • If you would like to leave a voicemail you can press “1” on the the phone keypad.
    • If you leave a voicemail, please indicate if you would like your call returned on the help phone.


The Help Desk is normally staffed Monday-Friday, 7:45am – 4:30pm.

We often have staff available beyond those hours, especially during the first week of each semester, so please feel free to try the phone if you need assistance outside of of our regular hours. If no staff are available you can leave a detailed voicemail and we’ll get back to you.

Please note: AV Help Desk phones CAN NOT  connect to an outside line and CAN NOT connect to the 911 emergency system

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