Input Buttons

The top row of buttons will select the different inputs available: Laptops, Playback devices (VCR, DVD, etc), or Document Camera. Selecting any of these buttons will automatically turn on the projector. In many larger lecture halls it will also lower the projector screen, in other rooms you may need to pull the screen down manually.

Laptop Inputs

Rooms may have one or two buttons corresponding to the type of laptop input available – Analog (VGA), Digital (HDMI) and Wireless.

All our classrooms have a VGA and HDMI video connection. Many rooms, but not all, also have a Wireless connection. It is your responsibility to determine what type of connection your laptop uses and ensure your assigned classroom has the corresponding connection. Information on individual classrooms can be found on the Classroom Information pages from the menu above.

For more information about your specific Laptop select an OS to continue.

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