Microphone placement

The placement of the microphone and bodypack is critical for optimal performance. You want the microphone clipped at the center of your chest, about four inches below where your chin touches your chest; the bodypack should be clipped to your waistband or pocket, but not inside where the signal could be restricted. See the photo below, you want the mic to be within the red circle. If you don’t have a lapel just clip it to the fabric of your garment. Be sure the foam part of the microphone isn’t rubbing against fabric or jewelry when you move, it will sound “scratchy”

Some classrooms have microphones with built-in rechargeable batteries. These microphones will be covered on the next page. All other rooms have microphones with single-use replaceable batteries.

Microphone Batteries

The power switch is the only switch on the microphone bodypack.  Turn it on and you’re ready to go.  You’ll know that it is on by the battery meter light.

If the microphone has replaceable batteries, they will operate on two AA batteries. There will most likely come a time when you will need to replace the batteries.  You will know by the bodypack’s battery meter readout or the touch panel.   Replace the battery if the battery level indicates empty or the touch panel tells you to replace the battery.   After replacing the battery be sure to recycle the dead battery, many rooms have a battery recycling container.  DO NOT put dead batteries on top of, or in, the podium.  Put them in the recycling container, or throw them away promptly. When there are only two spare batteries left, please let us know so we can replenish the supply.

There is a battery request button at the bottom the touch panel, next to the microphone battery level indicators. Touch the button once and the request will be sent to us. We will bring more batteries the next time the room is unoccupied. If there are no fresh batteries left and you need to use the microphone, pick up the help phone and ask us to bring some down right away.

Changing Microphone Batteries