Rechargeable Microphones

Our classrooms have rechargeable microphones. To use them, unplug the microphone from the USB charging cable. Wait a second or two for it to connect, the light on the mic will turn red. Now press the ON/OFF button; the light on the mic will turn green, and the microphone will be working.  To turn off the microphone, press the ON/OFF button again. The light on the mic will turn red.

In the lower left corner of the touch panel, there are microphone status buttons. These will tell you if the microphone is on, estimated battery life remaining and other useful bits of information. The touch panel will also alert you if the microphone battery is nearly depleted or it is almost out of range.

These microphones are paired with that specific classroom- they cannot be used in any other classroom. If you remove a microphone from the classroom, the microphone will beep until it is returned to the classroom.

It is critical that you plug the microphone into the USB charging cable after every class! Please do not leave the mic out and unplugged for the next instructor- the next instructor may not need the mic that day.

The touch panel will require you to plug in the microphones before shutting down the AV system. This is to ensure that the mics are fully charged and ready for the next instructor. Instructors at the end of the day should double-check that the microphones are plugged in. Leaving the mic unplugged overnight will drain the battery, resulting in a dead microphone for the first instructor the following day.

Plugging in the microphones in a room with single-wide podiums

Some rooms have USB pull-out charging cables.

Plugging in the microphones in a room with double-wide podiums

Plug in rechargeable wireless microphones in double-wide podiums

Use the arrows on the USB cable and microphone to help orient the USB cable.

Line up arrows

Other rooms have vertical slot chargers. To remove the microphone, pull it straight up. To put the mic on the charger, vertically align the mic with the slot and push it straight in. You can put any mic in either slot.

Microphones in charger   How to insert mic on charger