Remote Learning Tutorial- Prerequisites

A few things are needed before scheduling the Remote Learning event:

  1. A valid UW NetID and password.
  2. A UW Madison email account and access to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
  3. Within Microsoft Outlook Calendar, the ability to “Add a Webex Meeting” and/or “Add a Zoom Meeting”. When you Add a New Meeting, your desired Remote Learning platform MUST be present, like below:Create Meeting Header
    1. If you do not see Add Webex Meeting and/or Add a Zoom Meeting, please contact your email administrator to have these features added to your calendar profile.
  4. A valid AV system passcode. Click here to open a new window to begin the AV system passcode tutorial.
  5. A key for the AV system podium. You will need this key to access the wireless microphones and other accessories. Instructions to get a key here.
  6. Optional- Lecture Capture authorization. Remote Learning will operate independently of Lecture Capture, but the two work well together to achieve similar goals.
  7. If using Zoom, a laptop computer or device to join the meeting as a moderator or host. If using Webex, this is optional. This laptop computer can be used to access other web meeting-specific functions not available on the touch panel.
    1. Be sure to have the app installed and configured for whatever web meeting platform you’re using- Zoom or Webex.
    2. This device should NOT be the same computer as the one being used to project content (Power Point, web browser, etc.).

At this time, only Webex and Zoom are supported. Other platforms may be supported in the future.

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